CH Farao Anubis Golden Gait x CH Ribessita Shamise-Amise

2 boys + 4 girls born September 24 2011

(on photos 5 days old)

You can see more photos of our puppies here

The litter has a very interesting pedigree including the best of Swedish and American bloodlines! Serious enquiries from great homes are welcome!

Grandparents are: Ch Farao Anubis Kahiro x Ch Hallam’s Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi, and Ch Antefas Qeanu-Kaa x Ch Farao Anubis Nemesis. A great possibility to obtain a high quality PH puppy, both pedigreewise and conformationwise. Both parents are very beautiful, and sweet natured/temperament.


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CH Farao Anubis Golden Gait CH Farao Anubis Kahiro CH Antefa’s Menkhar
CH Antefa’s Kahira
CH Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi CH Farao Anubis Ramses
CH Mia Churuka Unchained Melody
CH Ribessita Shamise-Amise CH Antefa’s Quean-Kaa CH Antefa’s Minas Tirith
Ch Siphra’s My Wild Love
CH Farao Anubis Nemesis CH Antefa’s Menkhar
CH Antefa’s Kahira